mp1081In the early 1930's, mechanically-minded folks who were long on enthusiasm, but short on funds, found a creative outlet in the "how-to" articles found in magazines like Popular Mechanics and Modern Mechanix & Inventions. In early 1932, Fawcett Publications (publisher of Modern Mechanix) launched a new magazine, consisting almost exclusively of "how-to" articles, called Mechanical Package Magazine. The "Packmag" got its rather utilitarian title because it came in a thin cardboard box with a small construction kit inside. Not surprisingly, the publishing cost per copy was very high, and it lasted just four issues, the final one coming out in December '32.

Since I've had the good luck to acquire a copy of each issue of this little DIY gem, and since the chances of finding this info anywhere else is around zero, I've decided to share. I may also include "how-tos" from other similar publications that I find of particular interest. Enjoy!


This information is provided for reference purposes only. Don't do or build anything that might be even remotely dangerous to yourself or anyone else.