Daisey Designs - High-Performance Card Models

Printing your kit

First things first - get some cardstock to print your kit on. Pretty much any white cardstock will work for our models; 65# cover, 80# cover, or 110# index are all up to the task. Buy a package at an office supply store or Wal-Mart, or you can probably buy a few sheets at a copy shop. I've personally had good luck using Wausau Bright White 65# cover for all our prototypes. Some modelers like to use a glossy photo paper for models, although it does present some challenges.

Print your kit using an inkjet printer set to the highest print resolution. Laser-printed card sheets have a tendency for the toner to flake off when scored and folded.

In the Acrobat print dialog, be sure "auto-rotate and center" is turned ON, and "shrink pages to fit" is turned OFF. However, if you discover that your printer is cutting off part of the sheets, you may have to turn the "shrink pages to fit" command back on and create custom paper sizes in the print dialog so all pages print at the same scale. This is also useful if you wish to build a model at a smaller scale (a 1/24 scale version of a 1/18 scale kit would be printed at 75% size, for example). If all else fails, post a message to the message board and we'll try to help you out.

Created on ... December 30, 2003