Stinger/Corv-8 Instructions

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Detailed Version

1. Score, cut out, and fold up the upper chassis.
2. Score and cut out the lower chassis. Glue it to the upper chassis, being sure to orient it correctly.
3. Score and cut out the main body, removing the wheels and black underbody areas. Pre-form as shown. Start assembling by gluing the nose and front decklid, but do NOT glue down the rear window yet.
4. Score, cut out, and pre-form the rear decklid and windshield. Remove the black underbody from the rear decklid.
5. Glue the rear decklid into the main body.
6. Glue down the rear window, using the guide line on the rear decklid to align.
7. Glue in the windshield. The top edge is glued LAST, and the front edge of the roof is formed down match the top edge of the windshield.
8. Assemble the body to the chassis. Glue the rear part first, then glue the rocker panels to the chassis sides.
9. Begin assembling the wheels by cutting out the wheel parts. Wrap the tread strip around a pen or dowel to curl it.
10. Glue the tread strip into a ring, matching the ends of the printed area together. Glue the inner wheel face to one side of the tread ring.
11. Glue the desired outer wheel face to the wheel assembly. Repeat for the other 3 wheels.
12. Assemble the wheels to the chassis.
13. Add bumpers, mirrors, and/or spoilers as desired.

Simple Version

Just follow steps 3 - 7 above (leaving the wheels and black underbody intact), then glue the underbody together and add accessories.

Created on ... December 02, 2005