1965 Corvair Monza coupe


Note: These are in reverse chronological order; that is, the newest are first.

09 Jul. 05

25 Sep. 04

Last minute color change: color is now 1997 Ford Light Denim Metallic. I did all the paint and body work myself, at a total cost of around $150 (not counting the cost of the pair of tennis shoes and socks I dumped a quart can of thinned paint on). No one will EVER mistake it for a show car, but it was never intended as one either.

02 Aug. 04

14 Jul. 04

24 Apr. 04

9 Apr. 04

New wheels, one outside mirror installed, and up on dollies.

14 Mar. 04

Now parked next to my dad's '64 Nova.

Seats are from a Plymouth Neon, seatbelts are new Bendix/Allied Signal units I got off eBay for $75.

1 Sep. 03

Hooray! Back on the ground. Brakes bled, adapters for Neon seats made, and inertia-locking shoulder belts installed in short order. Battery needed a charge, but the engine started right up afterward.

Front suspension, with new brakes, shocks, swaybar bushings, and nylon Pitman arm bushing installed.

15x7 Z-28 Camaro wheel test-fitted.

Dual MC installed.

28 Jun. 03

Rear air grille primered and reinstalled.

"Jeez, I hope nobody got hurt in that wreck."

Headlight bezels painted body color, front suspension partially painted.

May 02 to June 03

Big gap due to buying a house in May, and getting married in September. Did manage to drop front suspension & gas tank in this period, though.

21 Apr. 02

More Corroless, this time the other half. Silver area is a soft aluminum sound damping sheet.

12 Apr. 02

A coat of black POR-15 over the previous silver, and Eastwood Corroless/Rust Encapsulator over the rest of the floor/back seat/package area. Looks much improved.

8 Apr. 02

Put much of the trunk back together.

5-7 Apr. 02

Silver POR-15 over the whole rusty area.

Used some sheetmetal and POR-15 POR-Patch to patch the holes in the floor.

29 Mar. 02

De-rusted and refinished headlight buckets and mounting plates.

Now that's more like it! Trunk refinished in gray spatter paint, and dual MC test fitted.

27 Feb. 02

POR-15 around the window frame, and painted the area under the air grille in the new color, Toyota Ice Blue Metallic. The purple spot is a test of an earlier color idea.

14 Feb. 02

The rear window was completely loose. Lifted it up, and out it came.

15 Dec. 01

The rest of the car may be rusty, but at least it has a shiny new muffler!

Up on jackstands. It would not be on all fours again until September 2003

I bought a POR-15 sample kit to try on the trunk bottom. I had enough left over to do the floor drain plugs, the toe pan cover, and my new dual master cylinder as well.

27 Nov. 01

110 HP engine, after clearing out leaves.

There was an earthworm living in the carpet pad on the passenger side. I kid you not.

Floors were not too bad. Small holes in the front corners and the seams in front of the vents.

The original package area was still present, but had been heavily supplanted by pieces of wood and LOTS of duct tape. The semi-modern stereo speakers were taped to it, as well. Notice the original Fisher body markings under the rear window. W is the body tag paint code for Glacier Grey, and S is the body tag accessory code for a rear antenna.

Stupid rubber trunk mat. Threw that POS away as soon as I got home with the car.

Moved inside, gutted interior, and started vacuuming out oak leaves.

4 Nov. 01

Home at last.

Julia, the car's PO, sits in it one last time. She was sorry to see it go, but glad it was going to be properly cared for.

As it was when I bought it. Notice that it's sitting under an oak tree. The floor vent areas and rear air intake area were packed full of leaves.

Last updated 30 May 2013